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Snowbird Volunteer Information


Location: Creekside Lodge, Snowbird Resort, take Snowbird Entry 1 exit. TIME TBA

Morning Breakdown: You will arrive at Creekside Lodge and meet with our Cirque Series Volunteer Team. You will fill out waivers, and be assigned your role on course. At this time you will receive your volunteer black diamond shirt and neck gaiter. Then you will be transported, via tram, shuttle truck, or by hiking to your location on the course. You will be sent out in groups and have detailed course maps.

Your role: Cirque Series Volunteers act as extra eyes on course to ensure all athletes have a great experience. Please cheer everyone on and add to the energy! If you see anyone needing medical assistance immediately contact one of the below contact numbers, we will activate our medical team to the location of the athlete. If you do encounter an injured athlete we ask that you wait with them until our medical team arrives, please do not touch any injured athlete. We have a full medical team in place that will handle all injuries. 

CONTACTS : Please save these numbers in your phone

  1. Ellie Taylor, Volunteer Coordinator, (231) 649 - 2189

  2. Ray Stonacek, Medical Director,  (952) 838-5551

  3. Jana Rogers, Co Race Director, ( 541) 521-1122

What’s in it for you:

  1. Community & a wonderful day in the mountains & front row seats to a killer race

  2. Black Diamond Cirque Tee

  3. Cirque Series Neck Gaiter

  4. Comp entry into a Cirque Series race of your choice next season

What to bring on race day:

  1. Water

  2. Snacks

  3. Layers: Remember that mountain weather changes fast, please be prepared for everything from intense sun/ heat to cold/ wind/ rain. Please bring a warm layer and light rain layer with you just in case.

  4. Charged phone, and charging device

  5. Hat for sun exposure 

  6. Sunscreen 


1. AID STATION: Responsibilities

  1. Make sure water cups are filled and ready for when Aid Station gets busy

  2. Hand out water/ Electrolytes/ gels to passing athletes

  3. Cheer runners on, be encouraging, create stoke! 

  4. Pick up cups left on the ground, keep it clean

  5. Let the EMT at the Aid Station know if anyone needs aid

2. COURSE MARSHAL: Responsibilities

  1. You will be located at a key intersection or location on course

  2. Ensure runners stay on course

  3. Cheer runners on, create stoke! 

  4. Contact us if you see any injury or anyone needing assistance

3. SWEEPER: Responsibilities

  1. Follow our last athlete and ensure they complete course safety

  2. Please give the athlete some space and be encouraging

  3. Never refer to this athlete as being Slow, everyone is having their own mountain experience

  4. Be in radio contact with Cirque Series team and let us know your progress on course

  5. Be prepared to be on course for up to 5 hours

4. DE-FLAGGER: Responsibilities

  1. Remove every piece of orange flagging and orange taping

  2. Remove Black Cirque series arrow signs and race in progress signs

  3. Pack out any micro trash 

5. FINISH LINE MEDALS: Responsibilities

  1. Be within the vendor village at the finish line… in all the energy!

  2. Make sure every runner receives a medal

  3. Place medals around athletes necks, do not hand them out


  1. Make sure water cups are filled

  2. Bring water cups to athletes that have just finished the race

  3. Show runners where the hydration station is

  4. Let Cirque team know if we need to refill water

7. HYPE TEAM: Responsibilities

  1. We place small teams of volunteers at key locations on course to cheer athletes on

Thank you for being a part of our  Cirque Volunteer Team ! The Snowbird race is sold out and we are excited for an energy filled event. If you have any questions please use the above contact form or email us at