The course is the most direct route to the high alpine, it is steep, but intuitive, you will be pushing hard for the summit, putting yourself to your capacity, lungs, grit, and strength. Please note, we will have the course well marked, it is imperative, for your safety, you follow precise path of flagging.  Please follow all course marshall directives.  In a steep portion of the descent, ropes have been installed to help navigate the steep & tricky terrain. Location of the ropes portion of the race is towards the end of the race, it is approx 50 yards long.  In the ropes descent, you must slow down, we have instituted a 'no pass zone' in the ropes area.  We have removed as many rocks as possible that could be kicked loose, yet, it is impossible to free the area of all rocks.  Please be prepared to slow down, pay close attention to your footwork and if you kick a rock loose, immediately yell 'rock' to notify fellow competitors you have kicked a rock loose. If you are further down the course and you hear, "rock!", please do not look up, please turn your back and protect your head.  We can't stress this section enough.  No passing, careful footwork, look out for the safety of yourself and fellow competitors equally.

**Course subject to be adjusted as necessary.

**Every competitor must inspect full course prior to race day.

**Every competitor is subject to a strict cut-off time, at beginning of Center Ridge, of 50 minutes.


Sport Category Registrations:  59% of runners

Expert Category Registrations: 36% of runners

Pro Category Registrations: 5% of runners