Q. What category do I register for?

SPORT: This category is for people that don't have a ton of mountain experience, and wouldn't call themselves strong runners. But are ready to test themselves. Beginner types.

EXPERT: This category is for people with a lot of mountain experience, consider themselves strong hikers w competent running skills.

PRO: This category is for professional & sponsored athletes.

Q. Are there cutoff times?

Yes, we'll send information in athlete emails with specific information about cutoff times per venue. In our three years of throwing races, we've only had to enforce the cutoff time rule a few times FYI. 

Q. Are pacers allowed?

No pacers please, our races are short.

Q. Can I inspect the course prior to the race?

Yes, we encourage it, please note, at our race in Alyeska, Alaska - you have to inspect the full course to be eligible to compete. 


Q. Am I going to get lost? How well marked is the course?

We mark the course exceptionally well, we pride ourselves on our course marking. We will also have Volunteers on course at all critical intersections and turns to ensure athletes stay on course.


Q. Can I drop out?

Yes, you must inform an aid station, course marshall, or medical staff, they will help you to an arranged vehicle, chairlift, or tram for escort down the mountain if needed. If transport is not needed and it's not a medical issue, you can turn around at any point, please be mindful of other racers on course.


Q. Is the start of the race mass start?

Yes, we have mass start, we ask for Pro runners to populate the front of the pack, Expert class just after them, and Sport class afterwards.


Q. Where are the aid stations?

We'll provide exact mileage of aid stations the week of the race, typically, our aid stations are approx mile 2 and mile 5.


Q. Are traction devices allowed on my shoes? 

Traction devices such as MicroSpikes are allowed but not required.

Q. Are dogs allowed?

No dogs please.  

Q. Can I pick up my friends Bib / Packet for them ?

No, each athlete will need to pick up their own Bib / Packet. This is because we need them to sign their own waivers.

Q. What should I wear ?

Athletic clothes and mountain running shoes. Be prepared for mountain weather and freezing conditions, even if it is a nice day. Bring warm layers and light rain layers because conditions can change quickly in the high alpine. 

Q. Should I bring water?

If you have a hydration pack, definitely bring it. We estimate that approx half of our runners do not bring water, as our races are on average, 8 miles, we have two aid stations to supply you with water and nutrients (and high fives).

Q. Can my friends/family come watch?

Yes, we encourage it, vendor village is a great place for spectating/gathering. We also encourage spectating along the course, please be sure to stay on marked course, be respectful of day hikers in the area, and be in position in advance of the race to ensure you do not disturb the athletes. We would also love to have them on course as a Volunteer.

Q. How many beginners sign up, I'm nervous because I've never done a race before?

Approx 70% of registrations are Sport (beginner/intermediate) category. We have first-timers at every race.  Ages 8-82 have completed our races. Please join us!


Q. Should I download and fill out waivers on your website before the race and bring to bib pick up to make the process easier?

YES, download waivers here


Q. Do you have a drawing?

Yes, our grand prize drawing at each race is a YETI cooler with 100 pcs of TENDER BELLY bacon & SP2 spirulina. And a Traeger Grill.  Plus lots of other great drawings. All racers will automatically be entered into the raffle with their bib numbers.


Q. What time do your races start?

A. Our races start at 10AM this season (with exception of Sun Valley & Snowbird: 9AM).

Q. Are trekking poles allowed?

Yes. Black Diamond will also be offering demos in the vendor village prior to the race.

Q. Will there be product demos ?

Yes. Most of our sponsors provide demos, visit their tents in our vendor village.

Q. Are headphones allowed?

We suggest no headphones in the high alpine due to areas with rockfall hazards and potential wildlife hazards along the trail.

Q. Are gloves a good idea?

Yes, especially on the Mt. Millicent ascent at Brighton (big boulder fields). And Alyeska, the technical climb up Center Ridge requires a lot of hand use. 

Q. Are there any ropes in steep sections of course?

Only race we have installed ropes is Alyeska, Alaska, race organizers will have hand lines installed where needed due to steep talus. With that said, for all venues, please come prepared for a serious run in a mountainous environment.


Q. Do you make real-time updates on course conditions, etc, where can I find that info?

Yes, we post course condition updates here: