SPORT This category is for people that don't have a ton of mountain experience, and wouldn't call themselves strong runners. But are ready to test themselves. Beginner types.

EXPERT This category is for people with a lot of mountain experience, consider themselves strong hikers w competent running skills.

PRO This category is for professional & sponsored athletes.



Two aid stations are set up at each race. We will have water, Honey Stinger gummies & Gnarly Nutrition electrolyte beverages. Aid stations are staffed with volunteers and we have EMT's available as needed.

* This season all our Aid stations are using Biodegradable cups! We are committed to limiting our use of single use plastic.




Results will be posted here 48 hours after the event.

Photo Galleries will be posted within 48 hours of event. We have professional photographers on course and share the galleries after each event.

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Cancellation / Refund Policy:

The race organizers reserve the ability to cancel the event due to unsafe weather. Race organizers will make the best decisions when it comes to protecting the safety of all runners. This means we reserve the right to adjust, cancel, reroute, or reschedule as we see fit.

Because the bulk of our costs come before the event even occurs we will not be able to extend refunds to those who wish to cancel their registration. In the instance of mega wild weather we will assess things appropriately and fairly, to the best of our abilities. If the race is popular enough to create a waiting list, we will also treat your entry fairly with specifics TBD.

Race registration is non-transferable and cannot be rolled over to subsequent races, unless extenuating medical or life circumstances occur. We will always treat our community fairly but also ask that you be sympathetic about the realities of putting on a great event.



Each race will have a early Bib Packet Pickup before the event. Details will be emailed to athletes week of the race.

Bib Packet Pickup will also be available at the venue prior to the race.

We strongly encourage you to pick up your Bib and Packet early. Waivers are available for download on this site to speed up day of registration.

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Be Good Stewards

We work closely with our host resorts to carefully design our courses and move gently thru the mountains we love. We utilize existing high traffic trail systems on the resorts to minimize the impact within the delicate high alpine terrain.

Cirque Series diligently marks / unmarks our courses, provides event recycling, and encourages all our particpants to leave the mountains better then we found them. This is a celebration of the high places we love!

Going To Good

We donate $1 of each registration fee to Protect Our Winters, Save Our Canyons, SUWA, or Utah Open Lands.